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The best way to navigate this website is to read through each page, and when you reach the bottom click the link at the end that reads "GO TO NEXT SECTION (----)". Doing this will take you step-by-step through each of the sections. After you have gone through the existing steps, you can use the additional information provided within this website as needed to advance the struggle for raza liberation.

Section 1, "Political Program" (top left menu) provides a close reading of the main ideological principles of Unión del Barrio.

Section 2, "Nuestra América" (top left menu) provides historical background information that is useful to better understand the different areas and time periods of our people’s histories of struggle across the continent and how these struggles are linked.

Section 3, "Organization" (left menu)" introduces the basic structural forms and organizational concepts which are backbone of our collective strength and used by UdB for advancing the movement.

Section 4, "Struggles" (left menu)" offers introductory information and medium to long-term political direction regarding different sectors of community work within which UdB seeks to have leading presence.

The symbolism of the Aguila (eagle) and Condor comes from indigenous traditions that identify the North of Nuestra América with the eagle, and the South with the condor. The union of the eagle and the condor represents the continental unity that guides the work of Unión del Barrio, and frames the basic ideological preparation of each member of the organization.


Of Special Significance:

Compañera Patricia Marín - ¡Presente! was established as a resource for the introductory political education and ideological formation of Unión del Barrio members and supporters. Its content is posted under the direction of the Comité Central of Unión del Barrio. For more information regarding our day-to-day community work see the UdB organizational webpage at
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